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Daytona Beach

Fun for race fans, friends and families, Daytona Beach boasts resorts, attractions and the Daytona International Speedway and the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America. Come during the Daytona 500 or spring family beach break – or any time at all. You already know about Daytona Beach’s swimming, surfing and unusual drive-along-our-beach opportunities. But don’t forget to visit… Read more from Visit Florida

Daytona Beach History
The area where Daytona Beach is today was once inhabited by the indigenous Timucuan Indians who lived in fortified villages. The Timucuas were nearly exterminated by contact with Europeans through war, enslavement and disease and became extinct as a racial entity through assimilation and attrition during the 18th century. The Seminole Indians, descendants of Creek Indians from Georgia and Alabama, frequented the area prior to the Second Seminole War…. Continue on Wikipedia
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